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Front Racing Splitter - Ford Mustang Mk6 Gt (2014-17)

If ordered now, item availability is 6-8 weeks for Gloss Black Finish and 12-14 weeks for Matte or Cabon Look Finish. Some items may become available sooner.

Front Racing Splitter Ford Mustang GT Mk6


Ford Mustang GT Mk6 2014-2017


������mark������SPLITTER /FRONT BUMPER LIP SPOILER WITH TIE BARSmark������Mounting kit������It's ready for mounting.
No need of any additional work, unless you want to paint it for a different colour.
Splitter lowers the car visually and improves the grip and vehicle stability.������
Product is made of�����ï"def">CARBON������or"def">ABS.

������You can select the material from which the splitter will be made!

- ABS products are characterized by high strength and flexibility
- Material was created specifically for use in the automotive industry (used in the production of factory bumpers and other car body parts)

- Extremely rugged, lightweight, with a unique prestige look
- Only on one side of the splitter is visible carbon
- The edge of ther splitter is secured by a special seal (rubber profile)


������Please read carefully!

We realize all orders from Monday to Saturday������ We send goods in perfect condition������ Please check the package for any potential damages before you sign receipt����ï