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Side Skirts Diffusers V3 Hyundai I30 Mk3 N (Red) 2017-

If ordered now, item availability is 6-8 weeks for Gloss Black Finish and 12-14 weeks for Matte or Cabon Look Finish. Some items may become available sooner.

Side skirts Diffusers V.3 Hyundai I30 N Mk3������
fits:������Hyundai I30 N Mk3����ï"def">������ ����ï"def">Side Skirts Diffusers available in red color only.



������Additionally you can choose red or white stripe to self-assembly.
(By default we dispatch product without any stripes.)

������Product is made of ABS plastic.

ABS material was created specifically for use in the automotive industry.
ABS is used in production of factory bumpers and other car body parts.
ABS products are characterized with increased strength and flexibility.

������Available in three surface look options: textured, gloss black, carbon look.

������This product has been TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified (TUV certify for material).


������Please read carefully!

We realize all orders from Monday to Saturday������We send goods in perfect condition������Please check the package for any potential damages before you sign receipt������